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Welcome to Bali Hai Rottweilers.....

We are located in the "National Capital Region" of Canada-(Ottawa). And live on the Quebec side of this region
In 1978 we purchased a Golden Retreiver as a companion dog and decided to take her to our local obedence Club, just for socializing...  Well after her first class was over. She liked it so much, that we just kept going back.

Not long after that, we started to see a few Rottweilers around town and also at our obedence club. 
"What a beauiful,and majestic dog we thought"... And "what a thrill to watch them go through their routines".  
Welllll......we were "hooked". And thats how we got started in Rottweilers..

Along the way, we also tryed our hand at the conformation side of the dog world too. I guess you can say that our life has "gone to the dogs"
From Best Puppies in show..to Best in Show ..to National Speciality winners.. CD's..CDX's.. UD's..  We count ourselves very luckly, to have had the opportunity to experience, what we call...The thrill of a lifetime.    

Special "THANKS " to Pat Major of "Majorhausen Rottweilers" ... for making sure that we got off in the right direction. And whos' mentering & experience, helped us to acheive our Goals.

Ken & Sheila Hartley
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